Hi there!

It has been a while that you heared from us, so we wanted to update you with some cool stuff we recently worked on. 


Oxidized Brass Walls

A new product we recently developed are brass oxidized walls.

This beautiful material shows a biological proces of oxidation on brass panels.

We can influens the color and shapes of the oxidation proces. After the oxidation the proces will be stopped with a coating.

The tailormade panels can be used as: art pieces or as wall decoration for kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and fireplaces. We can even make table tops from it with a special scratch free coating.

We have a brochure available with more information and prices, please send us an email and we’ll send it to you.


A Floating Bed?

Remember the end scene of the James Bond movie the Spy who Loves me?

Bond escapes from sinking Atlantis in an escape pod, Inside the pod is a double bed, champagne bar and offcourse a Russian spy.

Stef van der Bijl got inspired and built his own escape pod, including double bed,  champagne bar, audio installation and polycarbonate dome,  all the ingredients to be your own James Bond, except for the Russian spy that is.

The Spy who Loves Me floats fully electrical and can be controlled by a joystick. In case you and your spy want to go for a sleep you can lay down and see where you are floating by a front-and-rear camera. This floating bed is unique. The price is EUR 89.000,-.

You can find a preview of the boat here.


The DJ Boat

The Yacht Week contact us to build a dj boat, here is the presentation we made.


31 Dropdeck Limousine

We designed a new concept for a speedboat that turnes into a 12 persons Tender boat.

The frontdeck drops down in 2 levels: seating area & floor, the middle part of the frontdeck is a table, and hides a bar and a toilet. The rear deck hides a sun top and when the sun top goes up, a sun bed appears.The steering area can be closed by a hidden deck behind the seats.


Reinventing the Dutch Heritage

A new collection of unique lamps, inspired by nature and Dutch History. ‘Walking on the scrapyards of Amsterdam, feels like walking in a museum to me’ Stef van der Bijl about his inspiration for his collection.



New furniture!

We got Aviation desks, cabinets that look the rear of a Lamborghini, canoes that end up as tables, rowing boats that end up as a couches, to much to mention, but we'll keep you informed though our website. Here's an impression.


Interior projects

On our website we added some recent interior projects we worked on. Since a year we get more and more requests for complete interior designs, althought we’d like to keep our focus on unique interior products, we work with a selection of well know interior and exterior architects to create a beautiful unique and timeless interior. If you wish to follow us, please check also our Facebook and Instagram page.





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