Interior office 365 Dagen Succesvol
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Interior office 365 Dagen Succesvol

  • 365 dagen succesvol
About This Project

For the coaching company 365 Dagen Succesvol, VanderBijl was asked to design the interior with unique furniture and flexibel working space.

      • The workspaces are made from antique round burr walnut tables, placed on custom steel legs, each table has it’s individual chandelier made from 3 bike headlamps.
      • The lounge area is created by cutting up a steel rowing boat in the length, the green patina of the old paint on the boat gives a warm contrast with the dark brown leather seats inside the boat.
      • The oval-shaped coffee table has been made from reclaimed wood and suggests the teak deck floor of the boat.
      • The meeting table has been made from a 1930’s Klepper folding canoe, these canoes were made for airplane droppings. It used to be covered with a canvas skin. The canoe stands on a laser cutted steel chassis that supports the canoe and the glass tabletop. Now its looks like the glass tabletop cuts through the body of the canoe.
      • The walls and cabinets have been covered with Oxidized Brass Walls, a natural product that oxidizes brass in an artistic way.