Hotel the Noble Men, Amsterdam, 2021
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Hotel the Noble Men, Amsterdam, 2021

Hotel Concepts & Design
About This Project
After the great success of hotel The Craftsmen, Stef was asked by the owners of the Craftsmen to create a new concept for a stately building on the Leidsegracht in the center of Amsterdam. As a follow up of the Craftsmen, Stef made a concept about the Noble Men. 13 inspiring individuals from the Golden Age period 1600-1700 in Amsterdam.
These men were the founders of Amsterdam how it is now.
Each room has his own founder and artworks that inspired by these persons: Benedictus de Spinoza, a philosopher with a critical view on religion; Hermanus Boerhaave, a doctor that studied the anatomy of humans; the brothers Trip, arms dealers with a sympathy character, Antony van Leeuwenhoek, the inventor of the microscope; Michiel de Ruyter, a brave admiral with good political influences; Albertus Seba, a pharmacist who trade medicines with sailors for rarities from other countries for his collection of curiosities; Pieter Cornelis Hooft, a well-known poet and playwriter; Abel Tasman, a world explorer who has put many unknown countries on the map; Rembrandt van Rijn, the famous Dutch artist who was famous for its light and dark contrasts; Hugo de Groot, lawyer and writer who invented the law of the sea; Cornelius Drebbel, inventor of many things, but famous for building the first submarine; Christiaan Huygens, a specialist in mathematics, physics and astronomy, also the first science fiction novel writer; Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, one of the most important musicians from these times.
In the smaller rooms there is an impressive ceiling painting about the person, the lager rooms have stunning views on the canals or the garden and king size beds that include tv, minibar, wardrobe and coffee machines.