Time traveller’s watch collection
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Time traveller’s watch collection

About This Project

The Time Traveller’s Watch Collection are watches made from antique camera lenses. All functions like shutter, aperture and timer have been restored and are fully functional. Although it does not make pictures anymore, these are the beautiful gadgets and the proof that this camera has taken many pictures during it’s life trough WWII. Inside the lens, a brand new brass skeleton mechanical clockwork has been installed by the professional Dutch watchmaker Kalle Slaap.

The analog camera got passed in time by the digital evolution, by wearing it as a watch it has a new life that reminds the user to capture each moment he or she watching the time pass. The Time Traveler’s Watch will be made on-demand and can be provided with a led light and a working aperture, different sizes available. The watch comes in its original camera box, the leather strap comes from the original camera.

Check out our webshop for availability.

Please note that each model is different and therefore unique. Each watch will be numbered and signed by the designer. Since there are only a few models of camera lenses with the right demands to rebuild into a watch, the production will be limited to a maximum of only 100 pieces.