VanderBijl Aeroglide 2021
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VanderBijl Aeroglide 2021

About This Project

In 2010, Stef found a street lantern on the side of the road, an accident has happened before and the lantern was damaged, however the housing was still in good shape. Stef knew directly that the shape of the lantern could be a motorcycle tank. A few months later, Stef bought a Harley Davidson Electra glide from 1980, a perfect base for a custom bike. After all the parts, except for wheels, engine and frame were dismantled, he placed the street lantern on top and some surgery lights as fenders. The base for the Aeroglide was born. Jansen Restorations built the bike based on the lantern and the surgery lights, then an old theater spot was added as front and rear light, a juice press as a brake pedal and 2 sewing machine pedals as footrests. All aluminum parts had been polished into a shiny riveted aircraft inspired bike, all together 2000 hours were invested into this artwork with great success, The Aeroglide won the Best Custom Bike Award at the Big Twin Custom Bike Exhibition!