Harley Davidson Aeroglide
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Harley Davidson Aeroglide

About This Project
In 2019 Stef wanted to make a comeback of the vanderBijl Drifter (2010) but nieuw based on a Harley Davidson Shovelhead.
The only parts of the shovelhead that were kept was the frame, wheels and headlamp cowling. The engine was changed for a Harley Evo, the tank Made from a streetlantern, the wheelfenders from 2 old surgery lights, the headlight was changed for a theaterspot. The rearlight Made from the back of the theaterspot, the seat is Made from a horse saddle, the brakepedal from a citruspress and so on. The Harley Aeroglide will be released together with the Vanderbijl Aerodream runabout in the summer 2020.